MASCOT – Make a Simple Change to Operational Techniques is a reference booklet to aid improvement in workplace health and well being.

The need for improved productivity has become universally accepted and that it depends on effective training. Commerce and industry all depend upon fast and accurate input of facts and figures. If the uk wants to be in a strong position to meet future challenges and opportunities, it’s crucial and vitally important that organizations tackle some underlying workforce issue, the biggest drag on productivity and efficiency – absenteeism, MSD’s , job satisfaction/moral.

MASCOT can do this. It has three purposes:

  1. To prevent and eradicate user stress, strain and fatigue associated with most mechanical devices through correct posture and relaxation exercises
  2. To improve working environment in accordance with legislation and EEC directive
  3. To ensure the most effective control and use of the mechanical device.

MASCOT is simple and very straightforward . We want to bring back the good old days so that every user can work in a relaxed and a less stressed environment and be happier and contented at the workstation.